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Meh Abang Ajar - Make Me Whirl (Narmi)

Hi! Untuk episod #MehAbangAjar kalini, kita still ada Abang Narmi untuk ajar korang macam mana nak main lagu "Make Me Whirl".
Senang je lagu ni, meh belajar sama-sama!

P/S: Jangan lupa cover, upload kat social media korang, hashtag #MEHABANGAJAR, tag @narmi_i & @tapautv, all the best!


Shot By:
Ahmad Faris
Bob Vizard

Edited By:
Nureen Izazi

Music By:
Narmi - Make Me Whirl


I've been staring at my screen
Thinking of you and all our dreams
My cheeks hurt from smiling
Could it be because your eyes mesmerize me..?

And I don't mind at all
Because I'm enjoying this free fall

Oh how you make me whirl
Twist and turn and twirl
And when you bite your lip girl
Twist and turn and twirl
And when you smile
It carries on for miles
Oh girl you drive me wild

In real-time we sing
In real time we're laughing
And you don't miss a beat
Cuz you've got front row seats

So please don't mind at all
Just sit back and enjoy this free fall

I love the way you smell
Inhale, deep breath
I'm in your spell

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