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RANDOM TAPAU : Eyza Bahra "Sahabat"

A million thanks to MyBalloonFiesta for having #‎TAPAUtv at the festival!Here's a RANDOM TAPAU feat Eyza Bahra, singing the acoustic version of "SAHABAT". Watch her chill and jam at the picnic area before she goes up, up, UP in the air!#‎randomTAPAU #‎7PIHABF #‎myballoonfiesta #‎iniKITApunya #‎katesapotFeaturing:Eyza BahraWith:PayungAhmadBulyaShot by:Bob VizardFirdaus ZulkiflyEdited by:Bob VizardRecorded & Mixed by:Faiz RosliProduction Manager::HafiqzudenDirected by:Ahmad FarisFor:TAPAUtvhttps://www.facebook.com/TAPAUtvhttps://www.facebook.com/IkanPaosKole...http://instagram.com/tapautv

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