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Yasmin The Storyteller

The first time I met her was during a ciggy break outside Balai Seni Negara at one of her talks in conjunction with the Malaysia Video Awards. She said, "Oi!, isap rokok, bagitau mak!". Then she smiled. Padehal tak kenal pon.Through her blog, I was then regularly invited to the mini screening/gathering she had at Leo Burnett. She even lent me her camera for my first ever video work, and funded several of my projects.I made this as part of my college group project in 2006. We were bashed for making a documentary that was mostly shot on one angle and had no voice overs. It's really just sitting down and listening to her talk. Im glad I listened.Thank you for everything.AL-FATIHAH.Yasmin Ahmad (7 January 1958 -- 25 July 2009)

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