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Staff TAPAU: Vinyl Day at TAPAUtv

Since some of the guys from #teamTAPAU ni kaki collect vinyl records, Faris brought his vinyl player to the office for all of us to enjoy to sweet, crisp sounds of vinyls from our local artists!

"Funk Facts" - Killeur Calculateur
"Tayang Sulit"- Killeur Calculateur
"Red Marquee" - Killeur Calculateur
"In Love With You" - "Noh Salleh & Aizat Amdan"
"Where Only You Belong" - MUCK
""Angin Kencang" - Noh Salleh
"Bandan" - Annie Landouw
"Siliwangi" - Annie Landouw

#TAPAUtv #katesapot #iniKITApunya

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