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Dumpster Latar Be-Lakang Highlights

Dumpster Latar Be-lakang happened in conjunction with Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia (CAFFE). They showcased local artists with their own artworks of the Malaysian culture. The stalls we usually see selling 'nasi lemak' and the bustle of a hawker centre. 100% Malaysian!

Their exhibition came together nicely with props provided by antique enthusiast Vintageholic Collectible Shop. You can see a trickshaw by the window, a Vespa and many other things decorated beautifully around the art. Perfect for all Malaysians and vintage/retro enthusiasts alike!

Exhibition artists:
Lina Tan with her Ber-atur Series

Kide Baharudin with his Kuala Pilah Series

Nazrin Latipi with his Pengelipurlara Series acrylic painting on canvas.

Khottal - Against Tomorrow

Shot By:
Bob Vizard
Firdaus Zulkifly

Edited By:
Bob Vizard

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