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TAPAUfest 2014 pitchIN Countdown at Ruang!

Zaid and the LueyMotionLab boys captured the nerve-wracking moments before our pitchIN project for 30 days ended at 8pm on 28th June 2014 and the bliss after TAPAUfest 2014 reached its RM85,000 target (RM87,705) becoming the First Crowdfunded Festival in Malaysia and South East Asia! We are also the biggest crowdfunded project in Malaysia!Thank you everyone that supported, pledged, shared! And a huge shoutout to iM4U and Hypptv for backing us up!!Korang patut tahu benda ni semua takkan jadi tanpa support korang. Hidup/Mati komuniti kreatif kita, atas tangan kita, bukan orang lain. Syukur dan terima kasih. Tapi perjalanan kita masih jauh. Time to walk the talk.We'll see you in PENANG BOTANIC GARDENS on 14 JUNE 2014!MAI JANGAN TAK MAI!!#TAPAUfest #iniKITApunya #katesapot

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