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Its the final full day of Oceansation Festival! Come along with Faris, Daus and Alee of #teamTAPAU as they try out all sorts of water activities such as THE HUMAN LAUNCHER!!!

#TAPAUtrips #OCEANSATION17 #OCEANSATION #thenomadnation #TAPAUtv #katesapot

Ahmad Faris
Alee Isa
Firdaus Zulkifly

Shot By:
Ahmad Faris
Firdaus Zulkifly

Edited By:
Bob Vizard

Graphics by:
Sahrul Ridzwan (.srt)

Music By:
Pastel Lite - Gold
Butterfingers - Kabus Ribut
Bittersweet - Four Years
Tres Empre - Great White Ocean
Pitahati - Seloka Pak Toyu
KYOGG - Volemore

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Comments (1)

Alee Isa

Haaaaa bestnya rindu!