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TAPAUtripsNZ: "Nature Wins!" (ep 7: Day 5 Part 1)

The #fantaguana geng wakes up in beautiful Milford Sounds Lodge and enjoys the nature.. until they meet tiny little insects which causes a big bother!

In this new series of #TAPAUtrips, follow Faris, Shah, Ana, Munir, Daus and Aman as they embark on a campervan adventure in New Zealand for 12 days covering both the North and South Islands!
#TAPAUtripsNZ #fantaguana

Ahmad Faris
Munir Muhammad
Aman Ruzaini
Shah Azman
Ana Abu
Firdaus Hashim

Shot By:
Ahmad Faris

Edited By:
Bob Vizard

Music By:
Yuna - Random Awesome
Muck - Where Only You Belong
Aizat Amdan - Emotions
Hujan - Muda

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Comments (6)

Mi sudah kembang.

Pakcik Hamid, tutup mulutnya. Sedikit nanti masuk lalat.


annoying gile agas-agas!


munir ni lawak la hahaha

Nizlal Ghazali

best dohhhhhhh


Bestnya! Nak pi Niu Jilen! :(