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It was a day for the collectors, the learners and the music lovers

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Cyberjaya Music Festival 2017 Hightlights
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Warm, deep, crisp and clear. Now that's vinyl!

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Staff TAPAU: Vinyl Day at TAPAUtv
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Time to get out of the office and into the wild.

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Staff TAPAU: Adventure Time di Bukit Saga, Ampang
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What was the one thing that stood out the most during the fest? The crowd!

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Rocktoberfest Borneo 2017 Highlights
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Daus suka nasi, Daus kena ke China. China takde nasi, Daus macam mana?

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Staff TAPAU: Daus - "Antara Nasi & China"
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Korang tau tak Alee ni banyak gila memorabilia zaman indie?

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Staff TAPAU: Homesick KAMI & ROTTW
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Jom belajar #Indie101 dengan geng Thinker Studios.

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Staff TAPAU: Lawatan Sambil Belajar: Thinker Studios x TAPAUtv
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Have you guys ever heard of JUNK magazine?

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Staff TAPAU: Junk of the Heart
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Join Alee and Nureen bring out their best batik to #KeretapiSarong17!

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Staff TAPAU: Alee & Nureen join #KeretapiSarong17
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Skateboarders unite! Here's a recap of House Of Vans at APW Bangsar the other day

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House Of Vans 2017 Highlights
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Who doesn't like a bit of nostalgia? get your dose of it in this episode!

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Staff TAPAU: Blast from the Past...90s
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Malaysia vs Thailand kat stadium, Faris vs Rot kat studio

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Staff TAPAU: Tengok SEA Games sambil main FIFA
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Wanna know how N. Thanabalan was playing for Malaysia from 1968 till 2017?

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Staff TAPAU: Dari Desiderata ke Thanabalan
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This is what you get when a bunch of melodically masterful musicians come together.

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Staff TAPAU: Gig Iqbal. M x The Venopian Solitude
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It was a weekend of rain, mud and music. Join Hash as he recaps Good Vibes Festival 2017

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Staff TAPAU: Our Weekend at Good Vibes Festival